The Share Solution

Mental illnesses and invisible disabilities can take many forms in the workplace, just as physical illnesses do. Fear and misunderstanding will disappear as people learn how to talk about them.

When your business is inclusive, workers can see that everyone is valued and feel they will be treated fairly. As a result, your workforce can become more engaged and your business can attract the best talent.

Did you know…

  • Mental Health is one of the most significant challenges facing business today.
  • 1 in 8 Albertans have some form of disability.
  • $50 Billion is the estimated financial impact of mental illness & mental health issues on the Canadian economy.
  • Not everyone is comfortable talking to someone about their disability.
  • Diverse and inclusive workplaces = increased business success

What is The Share Solution?

A HR training program and toolkit that guides employers and employees through the disclosure of disability and accommodations to reduce fear, stigma and bias. The focus will be on invisible disabilities such as mental health issues/illness, learning disabilities and/or chronic pain.

Disclosure of a disability can help to reduce assumptions  for both the employer and the employee.  This brings openness and clarity to the relationship, resulting in a more inclusive and productive workplace. The Share Solution provides employers with in class room training and an easy to use process, and support to make disclosure easier.

Why take The Share Solution?
Persons with disabilities are the fastest growing minority group in Canada. There is a stigma associated with the word disability and fears about including persons with disabilities in the workplace, especially when it comes to invisible disabilities. This can be alleviated with the right conversations and easy to use tools.

The impact of The Share Solution will assist employers to:

  • Create an inclusive environment that encourages openness
    and disclosure of a disability
  • Increase productivity by reducing challenges for employees
  • Retain key talent by maximizing potential of employees
  • Develop strong leaders and Inclusion Champions in  your workplace

Who should take The Share Solution?
HR Professionals, Managers and Business Leaders

What does The Share Solution include? 

  • 3 days of interactive classroom training
  • Basic Mental Health Awareness Training and Mental Health First Aid Certification
  • Additional one-on-one coaching and support (train the trainer approach)
  • Human Resources Toolkit
  • Recognition as an Inclusion Champion

*Contact us for pricing details

This program is eligible for Canada-Alberta Job Grant (CAJG) funding.  Grant applications must be submitted prior to program start date and will take at least 30 days to process.

Group rates also available – not covered under CAJG.

For more information contact:

Kathy Makin
Executive Director

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