Diverse-Ability Team Building Days

Learning about disabilities doesn’t HAVE to be dry

… in fact… it CAN be FUN!

20Here at Champions we know that having a conversation about disabilities in the workplace can be difficult, uncomfortable and they’re often avoided as a result.

That’s why we created Diverse-Ability Days. These are fun, interactive and barrier-free activities that can open up the conversation and put your team in the shoes of someone with a disability.  Our popular Disability Jeopardy sessions turn an uncomfortable discussion into a gameshow!

Diverse-Ability Days can help co-workers feel at ease when communicating with each other about disabilities. This facilitates an open and honest workplace where all your employees feel supported.

Diverse-Ability Days provide facts, resources and advice on possibilities for accommodation in the workplace. They allow you and your staff to focus ability rather disability.

Simulation Activities

Our Diverse-Ability Days consist of simulated exercises designed to mimic the various barriers that persons with disabilities may experience in the workplace or in their everyday lives. The events are designed to heighten awareness of disabilities, demonstrate assistive technology, and provide an opportunity to increase communication about disabilities at work.

The event can be tailored to meet the needs of your group but generally consists of:

  • Hand agility simulations to demonstrate limited mobility and motor skills in the hands
  • Vision impairment activities to demonstrate limited or no vision
  • Wheelchair exercises that simulate limited lower body mobility
  • A demonstration area that highlights various types of assistive technology such as screen magnification software, modified keyboards, and more
  • Word search puzzles and information sheets to reinforce learning for participants

Please contact us today for more information about hosting a Diverse-Ability Days event in your workplace. Call us at 403.265.5374 or email info@championscareercentre.org.

Redefining Ability in the Workplace