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Diversity & Inclusion for your workplace

Savvy business leaders are well aware of the shortage of skilled workers in Alberta and the positive impact quality employees create on productivity in the workplace. Champions Career Centre helps companies access a significant but largely underutilized pool of quality talent and expertise: people with disabilities. The process for recruiting, hiring and retaining job seekers with disabilities is no different from hiring and retaining people without disabilities.

In 2012, 1 in 8 Albertans reported having a disability, so chances you are already working with many people who have some sort of disability, which may be impacting them in the workplace.

The Business Case for hiring persons with disabilities:

  • An inclusive work culture improves the morale of all employees, which in turn improves quality, productivity and service.
  • The commitment to hiring persons with disabilities identifies your business as a socially responsible, forward-thinking leader in Calgary.
  • Persons with disabilities bring with them diverse perspectives, enhanced problem solving skills, greater adaptability, sensitivity to others and higher retention rates. Retain your key talent!

Champions provides tailored support to businesses who are wishing to develop their diversity and inclusion policies, whether it be through fun and interactive team building sessions  or making presentations to senior management and human resources teams.

Learn how to talk about disability in your workplace. We can help.

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Redefining Ability in the Workplace