Self-Directed Job Search

14Self-Directed services are for those people with disabilities who are looking for a job in an independent manner but just require the resources to do so.

These clients have attended an Orientation and Intake session to ensure they are aware of all Champions’ resources but mainly use the library, computer lab with assistive technology, phones, fax, TTY, and printer.

An Employment Retention Specialist builds relationships with potential employers on a one to one basis and through Employer Meet and Greet sessions.

DRES only

Clients who are presently employed and need additional supports or assistive technology may access DRES through Champions Career Centre.

DRES – DisAbility Related Employment Supports is an application/approval process funded by Alberta Employment and Immigration. Individuals may consult with Champions Career Centre about their specific needs and initiate the application process.


Redefining Ability in the Workplace