Business and Resource Centre

Champions Career Centre maintains a comprehensive resource centre with a wide range of items including books and videos. Our resources are constantly refreshed and updated and are freely available to clients.

Champions Career Centre has a fully accessible computer lab complete with up-to-date assistive technology to assist clients with visual, hearing mobility and cognitive or language disabilities.

Assistive technology provides enhancements or improved methods of interacting with the technology needed to accomplish the tasks.

Our computer lab offers

For Enhanced Vision:

  • Transformer – USB enhanced vision
  • Amigo – enhanced vision
  • Pebble – hand held mangnifier
  • Zoomtext – software
  • Flipper – enhanced vision
  • System Access – software screen enlarger

Joysticks & Mice:

  • Traxsys – roller joystick
  • Infogrip – mouse
  • Ablenet Cruise – mouse
  • Kensington Expert – currently hooked up to touch screen monitor
  • Penny Giles – currently hooked up to large screen monitor

Large Keyboards:

  • Zoom Text
  • Big Keys
  • Vision Board 2
  • Intellikeys – touch keyboard

Monitors: Touch Screen large monitor – NEC and CCTV

Adjustable desks


Redefining Ability in the Workplace