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Career Services for You

Our goal at Champions Career Centre is to help individuals with disabilities achieve their career goals and obtain meaningful employment. If you are ready, willing and able to find the right job or return to school, then Champions can help you.

We work with adults with a disability seeking career development or employment support and direction. We help people with a range of disabilities, both visible and invisible, including mobility issues, arthritis, visual or hearing impairment, learning disabilities, chronic pain, diabetes, anxiety, and depression.

Focusing on ability within disabilities, we use an integrated approach to assessment, career counseling, Disability Related Employment Supports funding, external referrals, job search, job maintenance, job placement and case management.

We offer workshops, skill development, employer connections and 1:1 support, all based on your individual needs. We emphasize skills, ability, potential, and self-worth.

If you think our services could be right for you or someone you know, please  call us at 403.265.5374 or send us an email at 

Redefining Ability in the Workplace