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Interactive Media Developer

Champions Career Centre is working with an innovative Interactive Media Developer, with a focus on VR/AR (Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality) and game development! This candidate brings a unique background from Experimental Physics, with a Virtual Reality Developer Nanodegree recently completed at Udacity. This individual specializes in Unity, Mobile Performance and 360 Media, and excels at 3D math and programming. This is a curiosity-driven, thoughtful, and passionate development generalist, is a supportive, and adaptable team player, who loves to learn and problem-solve on the fly.  As part of the VR Developer Nanodegree, this individual’s Capstone Project was the development of a game called The Path of LoveThe Path of Love game is described as a “non-depressing” game about depression wrapped in a love story, and was built from scratch in Unity and Blender.  The Path of Love captures virtual reality design and ergonomics principles as well as the technical skills that were learned in this program. If you would like to learn more about this individual and view samples of their work or if you know of a project or role for our VR/AR pro, contact Thais Soares at tsoares@championscareercentre.org or 403-232-0758.

Thais Soares, Employment & Inclusion Advisor, Champions Career Centre

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